How to Spend a Day in Lewisville, Texas

When you are visiting Lewisville you are going to want to plan out what you want to see. There is a wide variety of activities to enjoy in Lewisville and it is a great place to spend a day or even a week. Read on to learn about some of the best activities to enjoy when you visit this Texas town.

You might want to start the day out by going to Lewisville Lake. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy on the lake from fishing to canoeing. There is lots of wildlife at the lake and it is a beautiful place to relax and just enjoy nature.

When you have had your fill of the lake you can head on down to the Witherspoon Distillery where you can choose from a huge selection of beer, both regional and international. You will also find plenty of things to drink if beer is not your thing.

The shooting rang is a popular place to hang out and learn how to handle a gun. You can practice safely and it is also a safe place to shoot if you don’t have much experience. Lewisville has a huge movie theater and you might want to enjoy one of the latest blockbusters after your day at the lake and shooting range. You can relax in a comfortable reclining seat and enjoy a cold drink while you watch your movie.

When you are ready to wind down you can visit one of the many clubs in Lewisville and enjoy a live music show or a drink while you are spending time there. With so many things to do in Lewisville, you are going to have an easy time filling out your itinerary while you are there since there is so much to do.

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